Eminem On the Making of Renegade w/ Jay-Z (Video)

blame it on Shake May 19, 2011

During Eminem and Royce’s sit down with MTV, Em explains (at the 3:50 mark) how Renegade went from a Bad Meets Evil record to featuring Jay-Z.

That record was actually made, we were starting to make that record. It was a situation where Jay had called me and I had another record that I wanted to present to him. At the time we were recording on two-inch reels. What happened was there was a beat that I had an idea for me and Jay to do a song together. But the reel with the beat on it was in L.A., I was in Detroit and Jay was on a deadline. I kinda approached Jay like, ‘Yo what about this record? I already have this, it’s already here.’ And he was working a deadline; he was working on a real short window of time to get it done, so that was kinda how that record came about… I actually sent him the track and he put his verses on there and sent it back and I mixed it.