XXL Lists 250 Greatest Hip Hop Songs of the 90’s

blame it on Shake May 20, 2011

Lists are always a great way to rile up folks in both a positive and negative way. Obviously no one’s list will be the same as the next man, so it always confused me why some people get extremely angry when another person’s doesn’t quite match up. With all that said, XXL has listed what they believe to be the top 250 hip hop songs of the 90’s, giving the top spot to Dr. Dre’s Nuthin’ But A G Thang (shouts to MTV for getting that info). The complete list can be found in the special edition issue that hits stands on May 24th.

I’m sure Dr. Dre being number one will already get y’all going in the c-section, but let’s spice it up a bit. List off you’re personal Top 10 tracks from 1990-1999.