Joe Budden Lists His Top 5 Rappers (Not Really)

blame it on Shake May 23, 2011

And it goes a little something like this…

Ice Cube is a pioneer. I grew up [on] Ice Cube as well as N.W.A. They were the trend for gangster rap along with Ice-T. He made incredible records and he was just great. He made great music over such a long period of time.

I think Andre 3000’s creative mind is unparalleled. He’s one of the most lyrical guys to ever pick up a microphone. What else can I say? He’s one of hip hop’s pioneers.

Black Thought’s just a monster. He’s also a hip-hop pioneer. Black Thought is an artist who’s been able to just rock with a live band for seventeen years or however long he’s been doing it. It’s amazing to me.

Common’s “I Used To Love H.E.R.” When I first heard that record, it was just mind-blowing, ground-breaking to me. It was a record that always stayed with me. Definitely one of my Top 5 favorite hip-hop records of all-time. He’s a lyrical monster.

Jadakiss is just a beast. He’s just a beast and that’s point, blank, period. He gets in my Top 5 list without a doubt.

Thoughts? UPDATE: So, we’re just making up lists from rappers now? Joe took to Twitter to say SOHH faked this shit and proceeded to list off his personal list. In no order: Pac, Hov, Rakim, Em, Kane, Big, LL, Nas, Cube & old 3K, G Rap, Pun, Slick Rick, AZ, old Mase, Big L, Black Thought, Lupe, KRS, Redman, etc.