Rick Ross & Andy Samberg Cover Complex

blame it on Meka May 23, 2011

The head of MMG (literally) covers the next issue of ‘Plex with the Lonely Island/SNL member. Some choice quotes and the Jaws-inspired cover (I can’t wait to see the comments) down bottom.

Rick, is there anyone you don’t fuck with comedically?

R: I fuck with my homie right here. We don’t fuck with Carrot Top.
A: I don’t think I would step to Carrot Top, though—he’s jacked as hell. [Laughter.]

But maybe if you were rolling with the Bawse…?
R: He’s got the Bawse with him now.
A: That’s true, yeah, I’d go at it.
R: Yeah, we said it. Fuck Carrot Top!

What’s a lazy Sunday for Rick Ross?

R: Lounging in my Jordan shorts, my Gucci sandals, an ounce of weed, and a real thin Polo tee. And make sure it’s Polo because those T-shirts are real thin. You feel like you’re naked.

Andy, what’s a lazy Sunday for you?
A: Exactly like the song we do. Get some cupcakes, go see Chronicles of Narnia. If it’s not in theaters, watch it athome.

It’s safe to say you guys might not hang out on Sundays.
R: It’s a possibility. If I get stoned enough I could watch the shit he’s talking about.
A: That’s true. And I could easily wear a T-shirt that is very thin.
R: With some Jordan shorts.
A: With some Jordan shorts! See, we’re both super open-minded!

You can read the entire piece here.