KiD CuDi Speaks On Growth, Drugs & More (Video)

blame it on Meka June 6, 2011

Fans may question CuDi’s musical direction since he’s stopped using drugs, but why would anybody get backlash for not using? That doesn’t sound the least bit silly? Regardless, CuDi sits down with MTV to talk about everything that’s transpired.

That wasn’t all, though: In April, Cudi revealed that he’d quit smoking marijuana on his Tumblr page. The rapper, who used to call himself the Lonely Stoner, now is experiencing a bit of backlash, but he remains undeterred and is pleased with his new material. “There were a lot of write-ups where people were just sh–ting on it and there were a lot of people who were like, ‘We liked you better when you were on drugs,’ ” he said with disappointment. “It’s kinda like, ‘Man, OK, well you weren’t a fan to begin with so f— you,’ and I like myself better off drugs. So it’s about me and it’s about evolving and it’s about change. It’s about becoming a man; it’s about becoming mature.”

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