The Niceguys: What the Hell Is A Niceguy?

blame it on Meka June 9, 2011

The good folks at The WellVersed sat down with the Houston-based crew to speak on everything from their name to their favorite beers…

TWV: Where did the name The Niceguys come from?

F: Around 2007, Yves started doing this adlib “niiice” all the time because of this joke on “South Park.” He kept doing it on every song ; we thought it was hilarious and it started to stick. Then one day we were in a meeting with someone who wanted to sign us at the time. He asked if we got a deal what we would call ourselves. I said…”The Niceguys.” Ever since that day we kinda ran with that name. No exciting story and no drawing names out of a hat. Just a natural happening.

I remember that episode; it was when Ike was having an affair with his kindergarten teacher.

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