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Happy Father’s Day

blame it on JES7 June 19, 2011

Filmed by Versetti and Andres Albert / Edited by Versetti. Via Soul Culture

“You know what’s so fucked up about Father’s Day? It’s so fucked up that I’ll give you a prime example. Dad usually holds down all the bills, keeps the lights on, everything. Put the food in the house, he go out and fuckin’ fight for the bread and all that shit and bring it home to the family, go out and kill the moose, drag that shit back on his motherfuckin’ back so his wife can cook it,” he said. “When Mother’s Day come around, they get mugs, they give ‘em flower pots, all kinds of dope shit. You know what dads get? We get that little construction paper tie. It’s not a big deal. Mother’s Day, first 50 ladies in free at the club. It’s Mother’s Day. Father’s Day, you don’t get that shit.” [via HHDX]

Shout out to all the real, responsible fathers who are always there for their seeds!

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