Juelz Santana Explains Can’t Feel My Face Delay (Video)

blame it on Shake June 21, 2011

During a sit down with MTV, Juelz speaks on his delayed collaborative project with Lil Wayne.

No need to complain over spilled milk. I mean, it wasn’t me. It wasn’t like I just fell off the earth. It was just a lot of things that frustrated me. At that time, it was a real time with me and Cam parting ways and there was a lot of things that he had control over which, there’s no hard feelings or nothing about. But at the end of the day it just frustrated me to the point where I was just frustrated for a little bit of time and it stopped me from doing things that I should have, could have, would have been doing.

The album as far as me and Weezy, once again we recorded the records, 40 records. 20 of ’em leaked and we probably got about another 20 records unheard, still just sitting there. But when it comes to that, look at the T-Pain and Wayne album. That didn’t come out. When you dealing with artists on that level, as far as that album, that album had nothing to do with other things. That album was just a lot of politics. You got two big artists that are on two separate labels. Here you have Universal, Cash Money, then him Young Money. Then you have me, I was still Diplomats, then Def Jam. You got a lot of people asking for different things. It wasn’t no one reason it didn’t happen. Me and Wayne always was on the same page, musically, as far as friendship wise. I’m just happy we didn’t let that get in the way of us being cool, being able to do things in the future we ain’t let it get to us. It is what it is, it happened. We’ll still be able to give the people one way or the other whether we just leak it on the streets or not.

He also states he’ll be releasing his Raegan Era mixtape around August.