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Denzil Porter – Haymaker f. Connie Diamond (Video)

blame it on Shake July 2, 2011

Directed By Denzil Porter & Jaison Williams.

I caught Denzil’s performance while he helped open up for Kendrick Lamar in Toronto last month. Not bad.

Haymaker, literally meaning a powerful punch thrown to knock out an opponent, is a song Denzil and Connie used to show off their metaphorical skills when making punch line records. By throwing punch lines back to back while creating an undeniable flow of word play at the same time, Haymaker shows off the lyrical side of both artists.

“Once Connie and I heard the beat,” Denzil says, “We started writing. It was automatic, we knew what we had to do, create a song, bar for bar like a boxing match”. Haymaker has a very unique format. It is designed for listeners who enjoy complex word play and can handle a few hooks and jabs.

Thoughts on the young Bronx upstart?