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Calez – Middle Finger (Video)

blame it on Shake August 1, 2011

Yeah, I’m really digging the vibe of this whole shit. Peep what my man RTC had to say about it…

Calez released a mixtape a few months ago entitled Is Calez Famous Yet? (which you can download after the jump). Frustrated by a lack of blogosphere distribution, Calez created this new record and video dedicated to all those that didn’t find space (or more likely time) to check out the project. “Middle Finger” is more than a rant from a young with a lot to prove. Calez tells the story behind releasing his last mixtape, and the very real struggles of promotion and getting posts. It’s much more than just recording, grabbing email address and sending out a somewhat-personalized-mass message. The song is a window into the 2011 methods of shopping a demo, and getting some attention. The production is a solid throwback to Native Tongues era Hip Hop, and the video also shows similar aesthetics.

My only advice? Patience. It’s easy to get all uppity and start saying negative things about the websites, radio DJs, etc when they don’t post your stuff. But you’ve gotta understand that we all have lives of our own. And there are much more artists than bloggers, writers, DJs, etc. Much more! So timing is crucial. I honestly try to take time out to listen to new acts but most of  it’s either the same recycle bin shit or it’s obvious there wasn’t much time put into the craft. Technology today makes it so easy for anyone to download an instrumental, record a rhyme using their laptop’s microphone and send an email (or thirty thousand Twitter messages) with a link. I understand the hustle and I understand the desire to be heard, but some folks have an insane false sense of entitlement. Just because you sent something doesn’t mean it NEEDS to be up on the site. When I come across dope new artists I shed light on them. And you can search the site for proof. There is a lot more to running 2dbz than most people think and it takes a load of time out of our daily schedule. So it’s physically impossible to listen to EVERYONE. It just is. That being said… keep making QUALITY music and you’re time will come. Trust.

DOWNLOAD: Calez – Is Calez Famous Yet?