Kane Mayfield – Step One

blame it on Meka August 26, 2011

Kane is dropping a 10 week series called “Follow My Flow Fridays,” where he breaks down the raps in the cut. Song up top, explanation down bottom.

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Make way for the wake……. of the folks that’s left in my boats motor
understand I’m the middle of the ocean.. you dip your little toe…
you think the waters too cold, when i spit choo niggas fro-ZEN
Like tai chi blow outs…

Since its the first lines of my first verse I figured I would start off with a triple entendre. Make way for the WAKE.. like, I’m “awake” so make way for me. Then its make way for the WAKE like a funeral for the people who got caught in my boats motor. Then its make way for the WAKE like behind a boat.. which is the “disturbed flow” of water, cause your following my flow. Also your FROZEN from the cold water, but also aFRO (blowout) and Zen (Tai Chi)

be-HIND thee, slick enough to slide grease
High knee dug out…
…in other words put my foot up in that ass, like a wedgie
and my pedigree, is kill em with a mask

So its like behind you (thee) like the other side of you. And its like behind like and ass (so your “thee” ass). Then its HIGH KNEE.. like my foot in your ass up to my knee. Then its like HINEY… like.. an ass.

I’m Jason, Mike Myers, Point Break in a bank
point blank with the ink, no oink taking the case
toys paint, till yo pain run all ape on the page
get yo book of life closed…
My foes resting in… POWER…

Its just two horror movie characters that wear masks, then Point Break in the bank when they had the presidents masks. No cops (oink) taking the case if toys (guns) paint till your ink (blood) and your book of life and yadda yadda. Nothing too too complicated.

….when flows rip em to pieces
throw bows hitting my knees
cause this block tall as a TOWER..
Like .. “yo you see my sun killin”…
The home of the Giants with the fee fi fum nigga
The boom bring the silence and the triage dumb niggas
a see god…
rush em through the ER..

Its NY wordplay. I’m tall as a (twin) Tower, then its like “you see him killin” cause the towers falling killed people (yeah tasteless.. but sometimes I’m tasteless). Home of the Giants (NY) then the Fee Fi Fum was the Jack And The Beanstalk giant.

fuck em sun, I suffers no peon
Gladly… Wack MC’s ask for me
my 16’s Sistine masterpiece
Burn like Listerine you spit free after me
my words too vividly afflict-TING CASUALTY

My sixteen bars being compared to the Sistine chapel if they compared to your freestyle. Still not sure why people try to ask for someone to spit… get bodies and hide behind the whole “well I’m free styling” thing. Had about enough of that.

….Get your pen game broken in half
learn division for you cope with my math.
rough enough to vote for the draft…
My shit SPACK… Pendous
STEW… tacular
I’m old school rocking leather medallions of Africa
with boat shoes, and blue ground effects on a Maxima

The pen game thing relates backwards to the freestyle vs written thing. Rough enough to vote for the draft like “rough draft” and I’m ROUGH like voting for the US Draft. The rest of this is a math meta. Learn how to break stuff down (division) before you can peep what I’m dropping. And when i thought about it all i could remember is 8th grade math (fucking integers or some shit) so i wrote it like this knowing yall would get to see it.

Spack x Pendous_

i blew down your best… (||)
fricassee your dog like a carryout
and drew down on vets… you know
bring the mack to em….
Give daps, crack jokes, and spat verses
to slap that ass stupid

Saying pause… yeah… yall know what that is, whats funny is i ain’t say anything for that whole foot in the ass thing. So lyrically i blew (rapped) down your best, not to be confused with blowing anyone lol. Cook your dog (friend) in conjunction with how supposedly “Chinese carry outs cook and serve dog”. Drew down (faced off..”drew guns”) on vets, and Drew Down (the rapper) who was a Mack-like veteran rapper. So i brought the Mack (Mac-10 firearm) to em.

I’m a problem…. rapping like “you asked me to do this”
you a mars run… I’m fresh enough they ask me to Joop it..
Tur (tear).. perturb.. little girls when i stert smirking
call em bitches just to slow that down like i serve syrup

Mars being a shorter distance than Jupiter, but I’m fresh.. like Joop. So i broke it in half and made “Jupit” into Joop It, and “ter” into turr like tear. And i slow down their sentiments like i gave them lean to drink. Which i would… cause that sounds awesome.

you know… you a purse snatch.. perpetrating burglary.
I ethnic cleanse till the streets a run burgundy
the best of friends fist fight over my verses deep….
depth… one nigga say I’m a poet, and I’m smoking just laughing up on the steps
while they bleed over which freestyle compares best.
Oh you got some blog comments ha?…
yea that’s cute…. and you been rapping all this time
That’s croosh…. cause I’d a had to draw that line
my veins don’t pump ice and ain’t no drug dealer rep
so if they fuck with my shit… it must be… RESPECT!!!