(2)Deep: Infamous Mobb

blame it on JES7 August 28, 2011

Queensbridge Houses, Queens, New York. 6 blocks, 96 buildings. The largest public housing in the nation has pumped out more talent than the entire borough of Queens. I’m sure you’re familiar with MC Shan’s famous “This is the place where stars are born” line from The Bridge. That’s some real shit. QB gave us Marley Marl & The Juice Crew, Tragedy Khadafi, Cormega, NaS, Mobb Deep, Littles, Big Noyd, Ron Artest, Capone (CNN), Blaq Poet & Screwball, Grandmaster Hot Day, Nature, Killa Sha (aka Prince A.D., Rest In Peace) and of course, IM3, bka The Infamous Mobb. Comprised of Ty Nitty, Twin Gambino (aka Big Twin) and G3 (aka Godfather Part III), all childhood friends of Prodigy & Havoc, IM3 have only put out three official albums to date, with a bunch of loosies, mixtapes and features on the side. IM3’s musical approach always complemented Mobb Deep’s gutter-rap; all three members are known to cook up grim and gritty street tales that reflect life growing up in ‘The Bridge’. According to Twin Gambino (whose twin brother, Scarface Twin was killed instantly in a car crash which he witnessed), it was Godfather who picked up a pen and pad first, and Ty Nitty and Twin followed up in his footsteps. The first officially known feature of IM3 came on Hell On Earth on Animal Instinct which featured both Ty and Twin.

Infamous Mobb – IM3 (prod. Alchemist)

Infamous Mobb – Mobb Niggaz f. Prodigy (prod. Alchemist)

Alchemist – Innocence f. Godfather Part III & Prodigy

Eventually, the three reached out and did some work with DJ Muggs for his Soul Assassins project, and the close-knit community that Hip-Hop was back then led to a great chemistry with Alan The Alchemist (no pun intended), where the four proceeded to work closely on music together. In the early 2000’s, IM3 pumped out three albums (all come highly recommended): Special Edition, Blood Thicker Than Water V. 1 and Reality Rap.

01. Mobb Deep – Animal Instinct f. Ty Nitty & Twin Gambino (prod. Havoc)
02. Infamous Mobb – IM3 (prod. Alchemist)
03. Infamous Mobb – We Will Survive (prod. DJ Muggs)
04. Infamous Mobb – Born Again f. Hostyle (prod. Ax the Bull)
05. Infamous Mobb – The Future f. UN (prod. Ric Rude)
06. Infamous Mobb – Blauu! f. Havoc (prod. Havoc)
07. Prodigy – Can’t Complain f. Twin Gambino & Chinky (prod. Alchemist)
08. Cypress Hill – Last Laugh f. Prodigy & Twin Gambino (prod. DJ Muggs)
09. Alchemist – Innocence f. Godfather Part III & Prodigy
10. Infamous Mobb – Muzik 4 The User f. Chinky (prod. Evidence)
11. Infamous Mobb – Life Is Tragic (prod. DJ Muggs)
12. Infamous Mobb – Reality Rap (prod. Alchemist)
13. Infamous Mobb – B.I.G.-T.W.I.N.S. (prod. Alchemist)
14. Infamous Mobb – Tonite f. Big Noyd (prod. Ric Rude)
15. Infamous Mobb – War (prod. Havoc)
16. Infamous Mobb – Hustle Hard f. Alchemist (prod. Alchemist)
17. Alchemist – Different Worlds f. Twin Gambino (prod. Alchemist)
18. Infamous Mobb – Mobb Niggaz f. Prodigy (prod. Alchemist)

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