Jelani – Clarity (prod. Durkin)

blame it on Shake August 30, 2011

Whenever I go out, I’m always in thinking mode. I’m one of those dudes that can’t help but to study his environment; a hall of fame people-watcher, if you will. Just from the Art of observation, I pick up a lot of ideas and wisdom. It also allows me to really *see* the world around me for what it is, as well as come to conclusions about things going on in my own life. That said, I’d had this beat on my BlackBerry for a while and I used to play it ALL the time while I was walking around Manhattan. So when it came time to write a song to it, what I wanted to do was take people inside my world and give them a first person perspective of the way I think when my headphones are on. Or rather, the way this particular beat made me see the world as it was playing.

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