Kane Mayfield – Step Four

blame it on Meka September 9, 2011

The next installment of Kane’s weekly series. Lyrics and explanation down bottom.

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Lyrically, I’m a nighttime vulture…..

to corny MC’s

And now i REM dream with my eyes wide open.

For those who remember Hell On Earth the reference is clear.. which is funny to ref considering the beat. But long story short, I am their nightmare because/while I am simultaneously watching my dreams come true

Turnstile jumping…

with doze and yos, and now i o-dose the coast

till I’m heard round London

Fab said keep on, you got a good spirit..

… Ras Kass told me anybody can get it

Craig G, told Brother J “that nigga can spit”

and i was high at the time.. jumped off the building

This happened… they were there… and the next morning i got an email from my uk peeps that said they love my new stuff. Everybody else actually said that, and they are some of my best hip hop moments. Shout out to @mistahfab @RasKass @MC_Craig_G @dozespecialz & @yosdyd (couldn’t find Brother J’s twitter so if you see it holla at me). And shout out to anybody that ever jumped a turnstile lol. That never gets old.

….point being..

a dis aint appointed, if you feel anointed

squeaked wheels are greasing….

Squeaky wheels get the grease and things people say to you wont matter (or disappoint you) if you have self confidence and feel “appointed” to do what your doing. Few things gave me more confidence then people whom I respected and grew up listening to saying “yo.. you nice”.

…let my balls hang like I’m college dorm streaking

…”your my boooy blueeeeee”…. well lets begin..

…I started this verse off confusing…

to deter the ree-tah-turds (retards) who just loose it

My boy said dumb it down kid its just music

I said smarten up nigga I’m moving…

Self explanatory.. well… yeah. Oh and i actually am MOVING. That part was one of those “makes sense to people who know me” things.

….and at the pace i travel

substance packed in, the canines rattled

tripping over my thoughts, conflicted over the bars

fuck a subject matter, I black & I just LOOSE IT

So pace like speed of my career, and pace of my content. Substance packed in like drug smugglers, and substantive lyrics packed into a few lines. Your dogs (friends) are shook, but the drug dogs and the drug ref.. and ahhh you get it lol. Tripping (like taking trips.. drugs again) and bugging over my thoughts, conflicted over the bars (jail for the drugs again) and my rhymes.

…. cause if a fish…got…. scales

….and rhymes about the …pitched…rock…sells

the time on the wrist watch yells,


get this shit locked down

All that tying into drug rap, and its profitability. Meanwhile time is ticking and the whole “get your career off the ground” thing is lingering. A throwback to that “biological clock is TICKIN LIKE DIS” from My Cousin Vinny. A lot of artists got the same thing, but its like “I got to be xyz by the time im 25 or it aint gonna happen”.

`tout schweet…

rhymes about the cars and bars a facade i loose sleep

my rewind flow like a C.I nose…

its diggin into your business yall niggas ah too beach..

Loosing sleep, the equivalent to being “awake” or “conscious”. My rewind flow (check the logo) is like a C.I. (confidential informant) to drug raps. My flow is digging into your business, like your ass.. yeah .. ( || ) or whatever. The same way a C.I digs into your business if you hustling. Your too BEACH (like bitch)

…salty… and fading away..

you loose ground by the minute, I’m a ground like coffee…

let the flow run through me… and wake yo ass up

my nigga like GOOD MORNING…

Beaches (bitches) salty, from the water but also like bitter emotionally. Fading away like erosion and because personally I think people are getting tired of all the big bricks you obviously are not selling. You your loosing ground like being grounded, and i for lack of better terms AM the ground cause I am not . Flow running through me.. like coffee.. all my coffee drinkers know what that’s about lol. selling soul for the cheap….

i suck a shotgun, for this business coupon me.

I hit the road like the beat…

smash it, put my foot in its ass and go jogging

… so i could kick dat sheeeet….

One brown foot like a mis-matched kick…

dumb down like puss, i could flip that script

punch drunk, bet your sober enough to BACK OFF ME