Jelani – Away We Go (prod. Durkin)

blame it on Shake September 13, 2011

This song is about those situations where you comically realize that “this some bullshit” (© Mike Epps), and you need to just get the hell out of there because you can’t deal with it and have no desire to, on any level. The first verse is about people getting at me in hopes to get in touch with my Pops, who is Dapper Dan (the legendary clothier whose name you may have heard in a bunch of rhymes over the years); it happens all the time – super annoying. The second verse is about me realizing that my studies, as a Music Industry Major at Northeastern University, really weren’t helping me learn anything that I didn’t already know/could’ve taught myself. The third verse caters to any dude who’s been in a situation where he realizes that he’s with the wrong girl for all the wrong reasons.

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