Final OutlaW – Invado (Video)

blame it on Meka September 20, 2011

OutlaW is gearing up to drop Invado: a collection of revamps and rarities soon, and here is a small taste of it. You can cop the song below, and check out the lyrics down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Final OutlaW – Invado

Ever since birth you’ve tried hindering my chances at winning
But my vocals will posthumously be raising your children
Word to my death that’s sufficient reason to celebrate
Checkmate is the result of when you premeditate ain’t it?
I’ve already won though it doesn’t seem it
I’ve procreated world wide without the use of seamen
I know I’m smarter than I’m even willing to admit
Because the sinister don’t consider this to be shit
They know that you learn a lot faster when you sin
When you’re willing to advance by taking advantage of innocence
That’s some real shit write those words down
Repeat them over till you know what you heard clown
Its time you suckas start understanding the rules
Reevaluating your moves rather than singing the blues
Go ahead sit there and live mediocrity
Fancy car a house all that shit seem ight to me
There’s something out there greater than any possession
Any status position or amount of recognition
Oh Freedom how I long for you traveled across for you
Among the lost I’ve written one thousand songs for you
I’m an overlord in the land of obscurity
The reason why you hire security
Think about that deeply
Until you can’t sleep without avoiding the chances of seeing me
I will never die