Charles Hamilton – Cats Said I Can Diss You (9th Is Cool Tho)

blame it on Shake September 24, 2011

Outside of being apart of the Hamiltonization Project, I’ve always found it hard to keep up with Charles’ music. Be it from all the distractions (the Dilla/executive producer melee, the ex-girlfriend incident, being admitted to a mental hostpital, being arrested for assaulting a police officer, etc); or just the fact that it’s always released in atypical fashion. Well, now that #CharlesHamiltonBack (oh, how I hate that phrase) he wastes no time in releasing new music. In the track below he goes at the hip hop industry’s throat over a 9th Wonder beat from way back. UPDATE: 9th’s reaction.

The track is featured on a brand new mixtape entitled C.A.T.S. Can, which I’ve included after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – Cats Said I Can Diss You (9th Wonder Is Cool Tho)

While incarcerated/in rehab, the only thing I could think about is Beyonce. Which makes a lot of sense. I have an offer to be on the Roc Nation roster, Beyonce is Silver the Hedgehog, I’m in a relationship with Simone Marshall, and I swear Sha-liek is J Dilla. Even if he isn’t he’s still one of my best friends. But again, I wrote one of my deepest love songs to something he produced (“Water Star”, “Air Conditioner” and now “B In the Rain”). On another note, C.A.T.S. taught me to not be afraid of my 3rd eye visions. So “C.A.T.S. Can” is a lot harsher than my previous work, with production from 9th Wonder, Sha-leik and myself.

01 Is Beyonce Really With Jay-Z?
02 An Answer Giving Hook
03 One 4 JC
04 Jeff Distin’ Meetings
05 Linda Cole’s Entrance Music
06 @Beyonce (The Jenny Baker Collection)
07 Miss Jarrett’s Turtle Poster
08 Smokey Robinson L’s
09 Cats Said I Can Diss You (9th Is Cool Tho)
10 Who Is From the 10th?
11 B in the Rain

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – C.A.T.S. Can

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – Gynaphobia 2