Phonte: Do For Self

blame it on Shake October 4, 2011

With Charity Starts At Home getting all kinds of consistent play on the iPod, Te sits down with my family over at TheWellVersed to discuss his public reconciliation with 9th Wonder, the moment he knew a major label wasn’t for him, the definitive future of Little Brother and more.

The monologue and the end of “Sending My Love” is hilarious and it’s something a lot of guys can relate to. Why should guys go home at the end of the night?

At the end of the day, nothing is free. This is straight up, real raw rap. A woman can put on a nice dress, do her make up and go to the local bar or club. Socio-economics notwithstanding, if you’re a fine woman, you can go up to a fine man and say “I just want you to fuck the shit out of me and never talk to me again.” That man will feel like he hit the lottery. He will do back flips like, “Word, that’s all you want?!?”

For men, it’s not that simple if you have any type of success or status. Any woman that wants to have sex with you is going to want something in return. You’re not going to just have sex and walk away. To those brothers at the end of the night, I relate to the struggle. Start looking at pretty women as liabilities. Instead of seeing big titties, see child support. Instead of a fat ass, see alimony. Instead of nice lips or a nice head game, see got damn family court. It’s not going to end there. That’s our burden to carry. Look at it like a dude that’s robbing you: If you get robbed on Monday, when Tuesday comes around he’s not going to say “I’ma let you chill today.” He’s going to be robbing you every day as long as he can get away with it. If you’re a successful, upstanding man, no woman is just going to want you for one night. If you’re showing her a good time and stimulating her mind, she’s not going to deal with you on Monday night and go back to the gump ass guys hollering at her on Twitter. Women are not backwards compatible. That’s not how it works.

To conclude this tirade, brothers: Think about what you’re getting into. It may look good, but it won’t end there. Think about what you got at home and ask yourself, “Can I handle two of her?” Most guys would say, “Hell nah.”

Check the full interview here.