9th Wonder On Producing for Jay-Z, Defends Mac Miller, etc

blame it on Shake October 9, 2011

The day after The Wonder Years hit shelves (and iTunes), 9th sat down with Page31 to discuss a few topics. From working with Raekwon, defending Mac Miller, teaching at Duke University, shedding a tear after Jay laid his verses down for Threat, playing beats for Beyonce and Destiny’s Child for three hours straight, not being involved on Drake’s Sophomore album (despite rumored tracklists floating around) and more.

Better not nobody say a bad word about that dude man. Man, I blast people on twitter man. I might hit somebody in the face for saying something bad about Mac Miller man. Because he just breathes positivity, and I love positive people, and I hate negative people. Nobody is connecting with their fans the way he is, and it’s completely honest. He’s not trying to be anything he’s not, which is a bad epidemic in Hip-Hop; you got a whole lot of niggas lying. Doing things, and being things that they’re not because they think that gets them somewhere. Mac Miller is totally opposite. He’s from Pittsburgh, he loves Hip Hop, he likes to party at his shows, and his shows are incredible. I’m not on the Mac Miller payroll either, he don’t pay me to say this. [click for full interview]

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