Kanye West & Russell Simmons at #OccupyWallStreet

blame it on Shake October 10, 2011

Earlier today, Kanye (rocking gold fronts, chains and a Givenchy flannel) joined Russell for an out-of-place-appearance in Zuccotti Park. And based off some Twitter banter I’m seeing and a lot of #OWS hashtags (spotted at Fader), folks aren’t pleased. A statement was recently released by Russell’s team, which can be read below:

Today, Russell brought none other than Kanye West down to take part in the #OccupyWallStreet protests. Both of these men are showing that they take their jobs as leaders of our generation seriously by participating in the peaceful protests. Russell says of Kanye joining him today: “It was amazing to see how people loved seeing Kanye West at Occupy Wall Street. His music and his art has always been about the voice and the power of the people. Kanye just wanted to come down and experience the growing movement that has opened the eyes of many around this country and around the world of the struggles of poor people. The energy at Liberty Plaza was electrifying and the momentum to get the money out of politics is growing quickly.”