Jay Electronica On Call of Duty w/ Mobb Deep

blame it on Shake October 11, 2011

Less than 24 hours after it’s release, Jay Elect took to his Tumblr to speak on his latest track (that won’t be on Act II*).

i wouldn’t have believed it myself if i hadn’t experienced it.
within just 24 hours, i wrote a record to give away online, summoned the legendary Infamous Mobb Deep via out of the blue tweets and we released a record together. I became a trending topic Worldwide within 3 minutes of its release and actually penetrated radio. Just heard the news that the Great Zane Lowe will premiere the record in the United Kingdom tonight as ‘The Hottest Record In The World”.
All of the above is attempted daily by major music corporations who have teams of ppl spending excessive amounts of money and still fall short of the goal. My methodology is quite different, but we must agree… it works. and on a pretty consistent basis. with exponential growth. every. single. time.
i’d like to take this time to quote my mom …”thats pretty damn good son!”
i guess it is.
and this isn’t even a single.
or even a song from my album.
its just a dope ass beat, with some (extra) dope rhymes from me and 2 of My favorite hip hop artists of all time, who woke up yesterday not even knowing they’d be on a record with me a few hours later.
Look at the atmosphere all in a stir.
if i were a younger me, right now is probably where i would say, “dog, look around. I’m the fucking man ouchea”
good thing I’m striving to grow.
i wouldn’t have believed it myself if i hadn’t experienced it.
I am Thankful and Grateful for This Blessing Filled Journey

* Because it doesn’t exist?