Evidence Talks Rhymesayers, Dilated Peoples, Blogs, etc

blame it on Shake October 21, 2011

After ripping down the stage in Vegas, Ev sat down with my man Andreas Hale over at TheWellVersed to chop it up about aligning with Rhymesayers for Cats & Dogs, the future of Dilated Peoples, how Late For The Sky was originally slated to feature Brother Ali instead of Aesop Rock and more. During the convo, Ev had some interesting stuff to say about the dopehouse and those alike..

Your career has gone from white label 7” to the rapid releases of the blog scene. How different is it for you to adjust to the changes in the music industry. Do you enjoy where it has gone?

Blogs are weird. At the end of The Weatherman LP run was when I really discovered the blogs. By the time The Layover EP came out is when I started really paying attention to the blogs. I saw that people were posting my performances and comment on my music. I finally made it to NahRight and 2DopeBoyz. I thought it was dope at first but lately I don’t like it as much. Not to say that I don’t like what they are doing. I just don’t like looking at it every day because it will drive you crazy as an artist. So many people can write anything about you. You can get 30 good comments and then one bad comment will make you want to jump off a building. For every artist at some point, if you want to be big, you have to be bigger than the blogs. I don’t mean that I’ve graduated a blog because there are so many bigger artists that are on the blogs. I just mean that you have to appreciate that you’re on them but not living by it. As an artist it’s difficult to look at people saying I love you and then I hate you and then I love you again. I can’t imagine anybody who is really big that goes to these comment sections to see what’s being said. Most artists are too busy to look because they are touring and creating music. I respect the hell out of it. I know it’s there but to be on it all day is just a little too much.

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