Jean Grae: Inside The Mind Of A Jenius pt.1 (Video)

blame it on Meka October 26, 2011

Jean Grae sits down with TheWellVersed while in Las Vegas to discuss why she performs songs that nobody has ever heard before, what’s the holdup on Cake or Death, how important the mixing process is to an album and how disposable music is today over vodka water pistols. Yeah, seriously.

“People have the attention span of gnats. Even if you put out an amazing album, in the next two weeks they’re like ‘Ok, so, what’s next’ (or) ‘Oh my God! That’s classic! That’s so old school!’ That could be fucking January. Is January old school? So taking your time (with an album) versus instant gratification is a good thing. If nobody is doing that then pace the audience… we can put out a single right now and put out another one months later and keep riding it out. If it’s timeless, that’s fine. If it’s for right now then good fucking luck.”

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