Jean Grae: Inside The Mind Of A Jenius pt.2 (Video)

blame it on Meka October 27, 2011

In part two of our interview with Jean Grae, the Jeanius discusses just how uncomfortable Cake or Death is because of all of the personal life stories that are injected into the album, the lost art of the hip-hop love song, her sense of humor and a whole bunch of goofy outtakes with Mr. Len that involve cooking oil and fruit.

“This album is f*cking uncomfortable as f*ck. Right from the first couple of seconds into it. It took me awhile to settle into being that uncomfortable with the rest of the world. I’ve done a lot of personal songs going from my stories to abortion stories to relationships and love songs…”Love Song 6″ is kind of like my opus on this album. I tried to be more responsible this time. Understanding I was going to involve other people but do it in a more responsible adult way and not necessarily putting people’s phone numbers at the end of songs. Sorry about that. This album is about dealing with sh*t, learning how to say sh*t, involving people and not necessarily making it f*cked up for everybody…There are about four 8-minute songs on the album. It definitely takes you on a ride. Singles are great and having fist pumping songs are great. I’m all about that. But this album is not necessarily that. It’s doing something different. It’s telling stories and about being vulnerable and honest.” – Jean Grae

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