[The Tens] The 10 Most Unappreciated Emcees In Hip Hop

blame it on Meka November 7, 2011

I”m sure this will start up a lot of back and forths in the c-section..

In hip hop there is often talk of who the greatest rappers of all-time are. Unfortunately, that list isn’t gauged solely on skill. Rather, the so-called greatest rappers are shoved down our throats for a variety of things that have less to do with lyrical ability and more to do with commercial appeal. But then you have those emcees that are often forgotten about when the topic of great emcees comes up. These are rappers who have superb lyrical ability but for one reason or another are criminally slept on. So the good folks of TheWellVersed got together and we argued about who the most unappreciated lyricists are. We had a massive list of that we had to chop down to ten rappers. This isn’t a G.O.A.T. list so don’t ask questions about where Jay-Z is at. This list is all about those whose lyrical capability far too often goes unnoticed. And before you say “I’ve always thought such and such was dope, so how is he unappreciated,” remember that just because you like them doesn’t mean everyone else does too. In the case of emcees like Bun B and Redman, they don’t get enough credit for what they have accomplished on the mic. So, without further adieu, TWV presents The 10 Most Unappreciated Emcees in Hip Hop. Go ahead and fight over it.

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