Who Wants An Official 2dbz Shirt!?

blame it on Shake November 12, 2011

That’s right folks, to help celebrate our 4th year on these here internets, the dopehouse has teamed up with IMKING to produce our first official shirt. Folks have been hitting me up constantly since I gave y’all a preview last month and the time has finally arrived. Before they go on sale next week, I wanted to give a few dopeboyz/girlz a chance to win one for the free. Since this is rather special to us I decided to run it over the weekend (to help see who the real viewers are) and the entry is gonna require more than just a simple comment below. Yep, this time around we’re asking you to take a picture with something 2dbz related in the background (be it the site on your laptop, something written on paper, a shake shrine, whatever) and submit it to [email protected]. On Monday we’ll pick a few of the most clever entries and hit y’all with the first run of our shirts. Let’s go!