Beatminer League: Memories Don’t Live Like People Do

blame it on JES7 November 13, 2011


Welcome to a new editorial we’re running at the dopehouse dubbed The Beatminer League. Part homage to Mr. Walt & Evil Dee, part digging-in-the-crates clique for all music lovers and those who enjoy getting-it-in in dusty, dingy basements of mom & pop record stores. In similar vein to Meka’s Soul Mix Show, in each BML post, we’ll focus on one record that I’ve dug up from my crates that brought into existence numerous Hip-Hop cuts that you may all be familiar with. The dopeboyz and girls can participate in the c-section, discussing who you thought flipped the sample we’re focusing on best, or just talk random sh*t per normal. Please note, none of these posts will fall under the category of “sample-snitching” as we’ll focus on samples that are already public knowledge. Also, if you dig these type of posts, feel free to check out my personal blog at Beatminer League. So, without further ado…

DOWNLOAD: Jerry Butler – Whatever’s Fair | Mediafire

The focus for the first BML post is Whatever’s Fair by Jerry Butler (former lead vocalist of The Impressions along with Curtis Mayfield), recorded in 1973 off the album, Power of Love. Whatever’s Fair was the catalyst for DJ Honda & Mos Def’s legendary Travellin’ Man. A portion of the chorus for Travellin’ Man was also pulled from the title of a cut on Power of Love, Memories Don’t Live Like People Do. Whatever’s Fair also borned into existence Da Ranjah’z Inspiration produced by DJ Premier and featuring Cee-Lo, as well as The Lost Boyz’s Only Live Once. Who do you think flipped it best? Peep the audio below and discuss:

DJ Honda – Travellin’ Man f. Mos Def

Da Ranjahz – Inspiration f. Cee-Lo

The Lost Boyz – Only Live Once