Beatminer League: Drink Away the Pain

blame it on JES7 November 27, 2011

No trivia for today’s BML post. This one is a no brainer, obviously. Just wanted to showcase the original and highlight a gritty Q-Tip banger. A brief history behind The Headhunters: they’re best known as the backing band for jazz legend Herbie Hancock, fusing together multiple sounds from various musical cultures including jazz, rock, funk and a splash of traditional African music. BML.

Tommy Hil was my nigga, and other’s couldn’t figure
How me and Hilfiger used to move through with vigor
Had to sit and plan on how to make these seven figures
Said the Brinks is comin through, at Fashion Avenue
At Tuesday at two, now we gotta form a crew
Now we gotta forum a crew, of motherfuckers
who ain’t goin out like suckers
Told me call Karl Kani, and all my other brothers
I told my sister Walker, who was the smoothest talker
Negotiate the deal with them other money stalkers
Diesel drove the the beemer, the hatchback of course
Nautica’ll navigate to keep us on course
Polo’s acting bolo trying to say he the Boss

The Headhunters – I Remember I Made You Cry

Mobb Deep – Drink Away the Pain (Situations)