Ryshon Jones – Words To Get Vagina (Video)

blame it on Meka December 2, 2011

Directed by Jeremi Guidry

Act#1: In a Shakespeare fashion A male approaches a women with words of bad intention only to be given rejection on a beautiful summer day. Act#2: Learning from his mistakes the male approaches the female again this time with Roses of red. The gesture triggers an envy in the women and she throws words of her pain towards him. The beauty of the flowers is a parallel to the beauty the women has not seen with her past rapes, mothers addiction that resulted in death, her own prescription addiction as well as abortions. Her rage pushes this man away and the women takes his material gesture as a way to show respect towards her only love the grave and lost soul of her mother.

The first comment I saw on the YouTube for this video had me in stitches…

“I’m in a similar situation right now. Except its been a while since i tried to talk to another girl so my charm ain’t what it was and the girl i wanna hit to help me get over my ex ain’t that cute Lol”

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