J-Zone: Celebrate My Failure pt.2

blame it on Shake December 7, 2011

In the second half of his sit down with the good folks at TheWellVersed, J-Zone talks about the shadiness of the music industry, being sued by one of his idols, how he’d fare in the current blog world and more. Check the blurb below and head here for the full interview.

If you were making music right now, do you think that he would have fared better with the current blog/YouTube scene.
That’s a great question. I don’t have anything on my phone but a phone. No internet shit. I’m Mr. anti-technology. At the same time, one thing that hurt me in my career was never having video. By the time I started using it, it was too late. I think I would’ve done alright. I’m the type of guy that likes full length albums and thought out shit, so I wouldn’t have done well with the blog shit. But I’d been able to use YouTube, I would’ve been real ill. I did the “Chief Chinchilla” and “Onion Ring” and “Pay Phone Pimpin” videos and people loved it. I did all of those videos and people were feelin’ it. But with the rate that I would have to pump shit out to keep people’s attention I would have definitely struggled with that. I come from the school where Rakim made an album every two years. Kool G. Rap made an album every two years. That was my school, so I was about going into the lab and developing and trying to drop something every two years. So I would have struggled with trying to do mixtapes and freestyles for blogs. But as far as the YouTube angle, I would have done well because I know how to be entertaining and I have a lot of crazy ideas. I think it would have been 50/50.

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