The Dark Knight Rises: Poster #1

blame it on JES7 December 10, 2011

Although Warner Bros. & Christopher Nolan are keeping a tight lid on the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, they are starting to leak some viral material, including an eight minute prologue that a select few were lucky enough to see, with commentary by Nolan. Check here for more info on that prologue. Or, if you don’t really care about spoilers, head down bottom for a write-up via MTV. Yeah, they need to hurry up and release a trailer already though. Right, Mek?

In the interest of preserving the mystery of the movie, Warner Bros. politely asked journalists in attendance to refrain from giving blow-by-blow reactions, a request MTV News is happy to heed. What we can say is that the action in the opening sequence occurs mostly on a plane and that it features several high-flying, mind-blowing special effects of the practical, not the CG, variety. The sequence seems to pick up right where “The Dark Knight” leaves off — Gotham District Attorney Harvey Dent’s funeral — and, most important, features one of the more memorable character introductions we’ve seen of late as viewers got the first look at Tom Hardy in action as Bane, complete with creepy leather face mask.

There are government agents, military personnel and civilians involved in the setup, but it’s all eyes on Bane. And if what we see him say and do in the first few minutes is representative of his villainous arc in the full-length feature, it’s clear that Nolan is venturing into more ominous territory in “Rises.” Where Heath Ledger’s unforgettable Joker was dark, twisted and almost whimsically crazy, Hardy’s Bane is a horrific, maniacal force. That’s apparent whenever the camera locks onto his eyes or when he speaks for the first time, revealing a garbled, aggressive German accent. Bane will no doubt prove a formidable force to be reckoned with, and we can’t help but anticipate his first meeting with Batman.

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