Nas Speaks On Stillmatic & Hip Hop Is Dead

blame it on Meka December 15, 2011

Has it really been five years since Hip Hop Is Dead dropped? Time flies like a mofo. Anyways, sitting down with the house of Harris, Nas speaks on getting Game on a Dre track in the midst of his “issues” with him, the song “Ether” becoming a hip-hop meme and more…

How do you feel about the word “Ether” transitioning from being your song title to becoming slang?
That’s what hip-hop has always been. We have our own. It’s a culture thing. It’s a community thing, but it’s also a young people thing, and it’s also, it’s just the way. It’s the way things are. That’s how it’s always been in hip-hop.

Even though Eminem came out with the song “Stan” first, after you called Jay-Z a stan on “Ether,” people started using it in that context.
I never even thought of that. Wow! Yea, man. I don’t even take credit for it. That’s hip-hop. That’s what hip-hop does.

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