Mac Miller Speaks On His 2011 (Video)

blame it on Meka December 28, 2011

Sitting down with MTV Little Mac summarizes his 2011, which culminated in his independent debut album reaching No. 1 on the Billboard charts…

“The whole album coming out was probably the #1 highlight,” Mac told MTV News of his independently released Blue Slide Park. “I remember putting out the album and being really curious about what critics had to say about it because I felt like I made this album from the heart and it was by far my best work.”

Unfortunately for Mac, the album reviews did not satisfy his expectations. To him, it seemed that the critics just didn’t get it, and he began doubting whether or not he put out the right album. That was until his fans reassured him that he made the right move.

“All people of all different ages everywhere coming up to me and genuinely telling me how much they like the album,” Mac recalled. “That’s definitely the highlight, seeing this music that I’ve created and just seeing how much more powerful people are than publications. That’s who I make music for.”

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