Noah “40” Shebib On Take Care‘s Creation (Video)

blame it on Shake January 9, 2012

Live from Take Care studios in Toronto, 40 sat down with MTV to discuss the inner workings behind the creation of Drake’s Take Care.

I can’t sit there and tell you that anybody made any conscious decisions to the extent of, ‘Oh, we’re gonna make this feel of an album. We really just make records and cut music until someone says, ‘That’s it: You can’t make any more music; you gotta stop.’

What ends up happening a lot of times with our records is that, because I can do a lot of things in the studio, whether it be play instruments or produce or edit or run Pro Tools or edit vocals, whatever the case may be, I help him get out his ideas. I think that’s the goal of any good producer, is to make sure the artist is delivering what they want.

We get to do what we want: We don’t have to clear it with the A&Rs or anybody. We are our own A&Rs. And that’s the greatest freedom you can possibly have in this business.

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