Cardo Gives Update on Work w/ The Cool Kids, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, etc

blame it on Shake January 12, 2012

During a sit down with AllHipHop, Cardo takes some time out to give us an update on what’s to come.

I have work coming out with the A$AP crew. Curren$y, of course, we working on the Stoned Immaculate album. Me and Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish are actually getting in the studio next week, and me, Nipsey Hussle and Burn One are getting in the studio next week out in LA, too.

Me and Mikey [Rocks] got two projects that we are working on. We got the Premier Politics 2 that’s coming out, and me and him and Chuck Inglish are doing a Jacuzzi series. Its gonna be something crazy, and we gonna have that done in a week or so, we gonna have it done in no time.”

He also speaks on not being a part of Rolling Papers and what him and Wiz have coming down the pipe line.

Me and Wiz got a lot of shit coming out. We just dropped the California track. Wait til you hear the other shit, we got like 10 or 11 tracks done, we working on everything. Chevy Woods project, Gangland, and the Wiz project, the mixtape and album, me and Sledgren are both on there. Wiz went a whole another direction with the last project [Rolling Papers], and of course it was like get that check. But people thought we weren’t a part of Taylor Gang and shit. We Taylor Gang for life; that’s family. We had to just wait our turn – not saying it wasn’t then, but Wiz wanted to do something different, so we respected that. People aren’t going to be disappointed by this album [O.N.I.F.C.]. I already heard some of the joints off there; that shit sounds crazy!

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