Gangerene Talk Ayahuasca, HNIC 3 & More

blame it on JES7 January 22, 2012

Complex recently spoke with Alchemist & Oh No via phone on a variety of topics, some of them very unorthodox, including the psychedelic elixir Ayahuasca used by the indigenous peoples of South Americs (peep this documentary on a similar subject, DMT). Other topics touched on are oowops, Alchemist working with ScHoolboy Q, a possible Covert Coup part two and more. Just be careful, you might catch a contact just by reading this. Read the rest here. Vodka & Ayahuasca out Jan. 24th!

Last year you dropped the Covert Coup mixtape with Curren$y. I heard you guys were dropping another mixtape this year, is that true?

The Alchemist: I mean we’re working on it. He’s working on his album right now. I’m there for whatever he needs, he’s my funky rap friend. But I got a lot of projects coming, Oh does as well. We’re just getting this Gangrene thing going. We’re about to hit Europe up next month for the Vodka and Ayahuasca tour.

Oh, what kind of projects do you have coming up?

Oh No: I just finished this Auto Mic album. I got a project with Madlib coming out later this year. [I’m working with] Blackstar.

The Alchemist: And Oh just gave some crazy shit to Prodigy. P’s finishing up H.N.I.C. 3, the next release. I’m excited about that. I always thought Oh had that gutter shit that P needed.

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