Rick Ross On His Bromance Time w/ Dr. Dre (Video)

blame it on Shake January 31, 2012

Over the past week, Dre and Ross have been seen together on more than one occasion. Be it the studio or the club celebrating Ross’ birthday. In the above clip, Ross breaks down the Dre’s inspiration and the advice he received.

It was amazing, my brother. We had the opportunity to just first and foremost touch base like bosses. We went out, we had dinner, we just discussed ideas and that led to the studio. The advice he gave me, it’s already affected the way I’ve been in the studio for the last week. So let’s just say he’s full of knowledge and he’s a solid guy. Most definitely that’s maybe my biggest hip-hop influence in the game. A lot of times when you sit back and you watchin’ greatness in motion, when I think back to [N.W.A’s] Straight Outta Compton or [Snoop Dogg’s] Doggystyle and I think about the smallest things from the skits to the way the records ended to having the opportunity to ask him about certain things about those classic albums. To just hear the time that was put into it, and the format, it was really priceless knowledge. For him to acknowledge Maybach Music and what I’m doin’ as an artist and a CEO, that was just real inspirational.

Hopefully these two put together a great record for God Forgives, I Don’t.