Skyzoo Speaks On New Mixtape

blame it on Meka February 2, 2012

Sitting down with The Well Versed, Sky To The revealed that before he drops his next solo LP he will drop a project that serve as the bridge between that and The Salvation

TWV: What can we expect on a creative level from A Dream Deferred?
Skyzoo: A Dream Deferred is definitely the most musical project that I’ve ever done. I can’t go too heavy into it, but even with the writing there are some records on it with so many layers. If you thought The Salvation was layered, forget it. I have a record on there called “Steel’s Apartment” that’s just out of control. The title alone is just gonna have people like, “What is that”?

TWV: First thing that crosses my mind is Juice.
Skyzoo: Yeah it’s a play on Juice and it’s wild. I love touring, I love being on the road but I don’t even want to do it right now. All I want to do right now is just get in the lab and create. I’m actually dropping a mixtape before A Dream Deferred. It picks up where The Great Debater left off, and it sets up the album. It pretty much serves as the middle ground between The Great Debater and A Dream Deferred. No one knows this yet so you guys get the exclusive, the mixtape is called Theo vs JJ: Dreams vs. Reality. Theo from the Cosbys pretty much represents the dream, and JJ from Good Times is the reality of it.


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