2DBZxSXSW: The Dopehouse, Who Wants In?

blame it on Meka February 18, 2012

So it seems that some people are a bit misguided as to what, exactly, The Dopehouse at SXSW would be after reading the last declaration, so I’ll clarify a few things with this latest update.

If you are a musician and are looking for a stage to showcase your talents via live performance, you will not find one at The Dopehouse.

If you believe that “having a good time a time at a party!” means standing in a corner with your face buried into your phone and writing about it on your favorite social network, The Dopehouse is not for you.

If you believe bringing a box of “mixtapes” to reality-spam drunk patrons at an event is your way of promoting your “hot artist,” The Dopehouse will definitely not be for you.

If you prefer wearing your sunglasses at night on some Corey Hart-type cornball shit, you’d likely look like a fool at The Dopehouse.

There will not be a “VIP” section at The Dopehouse, because everybody that comes will be VIP.

If you’re looking for a guest list at The Dopehouse, The Dopehouse will not be looking for you.

Long story short, The Dopehouse is not a concert, showcase, shindig, meet-and-greet or any other bullshit “industry” affair. There will be a lot of those going on in Austin, TX during the week of SXSW. The Dopehouse will not be one of them.

The Dopehouse will be the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer of SXSW. And you’re all invited.

The Dopehouse will be an RSVP-free, free entry free-for-all for any and every partygoer, fan, friend, musician, manager, handler, bag handler, weed bag handler and the like who wants to party. Not “network,” not “promote” and definitely not “hustle.”

Taking off your cool and sweating out your weave at The Dopehouse is not only a suggestion, it’s a requirement.

More details – including a chance for deejays to do a set at The Dopehouse – will come next week.

March 16th and March 17th. See you there.