Spree Wilson – Rare Moments

blame it on Shake February 22, 2012

These leaks keep getting better. I need The Spark to drop a lot sooner than later.

‘Rare Moments’ is the closest I’ve ever come musically to my Nashville roots. Growing up in Nashville, I’ve been a fan of country music, with songwriters like Johnny Cash and Gram Parsons being my absolute favorites. In some crazy way it’s probably my own little tribute to them. As for songwriting, I absolutely love a strong melody, so I always start with that first. The majority of the time it dictates the mood of the song and the lyrics. For me, songwriting is always unpredictable, so I never go in knowing exactly what is going to come out. It’s almost spiritual in that way … like going to church on Sunday and catching the Holy Ghost. [via]

DOWNLOAD: Spree Wilson – Rare Moments