2DBZxSXSW: The Dopehouse

blame it on Meka March 7, 2012

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For those unaware SXSW begins begins this Friday, March 9th, and ends Sunday, March 18th, and there’s going to be a variety of showcases, concerts, exhibitions, meet-and-greets, galleries, screenings, tastings and virtually every other form of sensory decadence. While the purveyors of this corner of the Internets have only been for the past few years, each year has seemingly gotten bigger (and more “shark-jump” worthy, but that’s neither here nor there), this may be the largest one thus far.

As such, instead of putting together our own “Internets rap showcase” we’ve decided to buck the trend and do something that is more relaxing (read: much easier to pull out of our asses): The Dopehouse.

The Dopehouse will be an RSVP-free, free entry free-for-all for any and every partygoer, fan, friend, musician, manager, handler, bag handler, weed bag handler and the like who wants to enjoy good music courtesy of six deejays from all over North America (some who have weekly mix shows on terrestrial radio, others who spin for the likes of Skeme and Talib Kweli), down cheap drinks (like, extremely cheap) and most importantly party.

But wait, there’s more.

There will be a photobooth courtesy of Floridian director UnkleLuc, as well as giveaways from the likes of Orisue, IM KING, FLüD, Rocksmith, Young & Reckless and Akomplice. And if you still aren’t convinced that a two-night, free party with cheap drinks and free giveaways isn’t for you, well… kill yourself.

The Dopehouse. March 16th and March 17th. See you mudda suckas there.