Lil Cease Says His Favorite Biggie Record, I Got a Story To Tell Is Genius (Video)

blame it on JES7 March 17, 2012

The Junior M.A.F.I.A. member explains why he favored Biggie’s I Got a Story To Tell and the genius of the story telling in the Life After Death cut.

The Buckwild-produced “I Got a Story to Tell” is bare-bones as far as rap tracks go. With its drum track reminiscent of MC Lyte’s “Paper Thin” and its sparse acoustic guitar strokes, the song’s beat is the perfect background for Big to weave his complex robbery tale. In addition to its detailed imagery, the late rapper injected a healthy dose of humor into the track; that, for Cease, is the song’s greatest quality. “Me and Big used to listen to records all the time, and when I heard ‘Story to Tell,’ just the story line … Big’s charisma, his sense of humor is what used to catch me about him,” he said. “He could take you off and on, light switch. It could be so hard and in a minute you’ll be crying, laughing in tears, like, hold up, you gotta rewind that back.”

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