Mistah F.A.B On Mentoring V-Nasty & Kreayshawn (Video)

blame it on Shake March 21, 2012

While it’s quite unusual that you’ll ever see those two names in a post title on 2DBZ, I wanted to share this clip from an interview TheWellVersed and I did with F.A.B at SXSW. Giving him a chance to explain why he chose to mentor two of hip hop’s most hated individuals.

Knowing the ideology, demographic and cultural upbringing (of Oakland), I realized that the rest of the world wouldn’t understand them doing what it is that they do.

(I chose to mentor them) When everybody else backed down because it would be too controversial, too sketchy and too edgy for their promising careers. A lot of the people had the ability to be a spokesman and say ‘Yo, this is just what goes on in our area.’ But everybody else backed down and tried to leave them on the edge, I felt like that wasn’t right. I’ve been a person who has been misunderstood, I’ve been a person who has been on the pilgrimage of controversy… my whole career has been that. To be misunderstood is a touchy feeling. You look at these young girls and you see that there’s no one there to mentor them or allow them to (represent what goes on in their city). I’m not going to leave them out there to dry out like that.

And no, this doesn’t mean you’ll start seeing V-Nasty and Kreayshawn at the dopehouse. I simply wanted to let the homie express his thoughts and give another side to the situation. Full interview coming soon.