9th Wonder On Reuniting w/ Phonte, Future Plans (Video)

blame it on Shake March 22, 2012

Another artist TheWellVersed and I caught up with while out in Austin was 9th Wonder. In the clip above we talk about his and Phonte’s reconciliation and whether or not the work they’ve done this year on Charity Starts At Home could’ve been crafted five years ago when LB was still a group.

No. The subject matter, the sound, the way we approach music, the way we approach business (are all different). Everything happens for a reason. Somebody up above told me and Phonte ‘There is no way you two alpha males are going to grow together as men. Maybe you have to separate to get your own selves together and look in the mirror for you guys to grow. You’re not going to grow in the confines of this group.’ I didn’t understand why EPMD broke up. I didn’t understand why Tribe or all of my favorite groups broke up. But I understand now. Us splitting up has made us better men. (Me and Phonte) understand each other better and the music is great. We have a clear path in what we want to do and nobody can stand in our way.

9th also reveals that the two are still working on new material and have plans to head to Africa together. Something they never have done in the past.

We got shows coming up. We’ll take our first trip to Africa… together. For the first time. Who would’ve thought that would have happened three or four years ago? Who knew that a couple of years later you’d be traveling with this guy — who some people think that you hate — to Africa? That’s kind of amazing.

Full interview coming soon.