Bangladesh Signs To Cash Money Records

blame it on Meka March 23, 2012

Okay, this dude now has no right or reason to bitch and moan about not being paid for “A Milli” anymore. Like, ever.

Bang cried foul after he wasn’t properly compensated for producing “A Milli” in 2008 and then again last year after he produced “6 Foot, 7 Foot.” “It’s just hard to keep working for free,” the producer told MTV News in an April 2011 interview, before admitting that he waived his upfront fee for “6 Foot, 7 Foot” and worked out another form of payment with the company.

The powerhouse record label and Bangladesh have since straightened out their business, the producer revealed to MTV News on Tuesday. “We just did some nice business together. They just bought a whole bunch of tracks, that’s about it,” Bang said. “They gave me a song deal, basically, first song deal I ever had, so shouts out to Cash Money.”

Good job, Bangs. You’ll now be producing for such esteemed acts like Lil Twist and Limp Bizkit.