Mickey Factz: The Tale Of MauSe

blame it on Meka April 1, 2012

Speaking to TheWellVersed, Factz opens up on his life changes and creative process behind MauSe and the one guest that he wished would have made the project.

TWV: A lot of actors immerse themselves into their characters mentality when they prepare for a role. How much preparation did you put into bringing this MauSe character to life?
Mickey: At first I was just writing the songs and producing the beat. Then it was like I had to shoot visuals so that people would understand. That’s when I had to start creating the character seriously. I began reading autobiographies and journals of Basquiat, Warhol, and people such as that. Then I began to become, more homeless, because the character was homeless so I had to wear the same clothing, all the time. Let my hair grow out, I started spray painting in New York City and Atlanta, and just started really becoming MauSe. It was really like a Heath Ledger, Joker situation. I really became this person for the past 6 months, it was to the point where my mother didn’t even recognize me. She couldn’t understand why I was wearing these clothes with paint on them, these weird shades with paint on them, and walking around with a spray can. I really became the character at that point in time, and MauSe is actually still a part of me because we’re still shooting the documentary. Once it’s done I can’t wait to become Mickey Factz again.

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