Nicki Minaj Speaks On Grammy Performance, M.I.A. & More

blame it on Meka April 3, 2012

Part 1

Nevermind the stuff I wrote about in the title. Onika also speaks on returning to her hip-hop/street rap roots. Now, throughout her career I’ve never really said anything/shared my thoughts on Nicki’s rise to fame because I don’t really care in the first place. I mean, if she wants to walk around looking like she just got done with a bukkake session featuring the entire cast of Rainbow Brite she has the right to do so. But if she wants to do a “street” record for her core fans? It’s as simple as, well, doing one, regardless of whatever. I mean shit, both Nas and Jay-Z wore goofy fits and did questionable songs/albums (Kingdom Come and Nastradamus anyone?) in their careers, and they’re still respected by peers in both the mainstream and the “alternative” (it’s really not the “underground” anymore, in my opinion) fields to this day. Maybe it’s because it’s a female doing it which makes it somehow less acceptable by “rap” terms, but I rarely heard a peep from folks when Eminem performed with Elton John or when Biggie collaborated on a song with Shaq.

Meh, who cares anyways. Most of us would still squeeze her ass like the Snuggle Bear does a blanket without hesitation if ever given the chance anyways. I know I would.

Part 2

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