Your (2)Dope Opinion: “First The Mobb Deep Break Up?”

blame it on Meka April 10, 2012

In case you are one of the folks who don’t know what’s going on (and if you still don’t want to know, I salute you. Now skip this post), a few nights ago Havoc started spewing all kinds of poorly spelled jibba-jabba at Prodigy on the Twitter insulting him and his manhood, only for Prodigy to respond with some ALL-CAPS barbs of his own. A few hours later both individuals claimed that it “wasn’t them” who wrote them, with Havoc using the telltale “my account was hacked” excuse and P one-upping him in the creative department by saying that it was a “fake” account (which, oddly enough, was “verified”).

Now, of course the rest of the hip-hop world has to have their own say in the matter, and when Peter Rosenberg asked Fat Joe he said it was the “9/11″ of hip hop.” I’d probably break my neck shaking my head so much at that logic. So now I ask you, the viewer: what are your thoughts on this whole fiasco? For me, I don’t care; I’m still trying to find out if Mary J Blige will come out and sing the ingredients of the new Crispy Chicken Snack Wraps at Burger King whenever I inquire about them. But perhaps I’m in the minority with this one.