Eversno & Whosane Remix Jay Electronica’s Dear Moleskine

blame it on Shake April 13, 2012

While a lot of folks (including myself) usually turn their nose up at the sight of artists remixing tracks that are already incredible and/or have been redone more times than Sasha Grey has taken it up the rear-end, there are times where it’s not really our place to judge. Musicians, designers, writers, hell… everyone gets inspired by different things, so who are we to say they can’t do something? Ok… there are times where asshats just jump on the hottest instrumental and blabber on just to try and get a few seconds of fame. I’ll give you that.. but not all. Case in point… Whosane (who some of y’all might recall from his contribution to Taxi with Mos Def) and Eversno (who is new to the dopehouse but has been getting a lot of love) both felt inspired by Jay Elect’s talks of depression and perseverance and decided to share their own stories.

DOWNLOAD: Whosane – Dear Moleskine (rmx)

DOWNLOAD: Eversno – Dear Moleskine (rmx)