TSS Presents: Smoking Sessions With MixedByAli

blame it on Meka April 13, 2012

Come across any post from a TDE member on the site, and you’ll see the name “MixedByAli” on it. As well as being the tour DJ for Kendrick Lamar, Ali is TDE’s Recording & Mixing Engineer responsible for how all of their sounds, well, sound. I’ve seen him on the Twitter always answering fans’ questions about mixing, and he recently sat down with the good folks of The Smoking Section about his roots, his mixing process and more…

TSS: Yeah, that was one of the reasons I wanted to do this interview actually. A person in your role isn’t really at the forefront of the song even though you have a major contribution. And since TDE always makes it a point to credit you and your work, I think it makes sense for us to recognize it as well. But I also feel like you, in particular, are getting that recognition through the music as well, like when Kendrick shouted you out on “Hol’ Up.”

Mixed By Ali: Yeah everyone in the camp does make sure I get the credit. It’s kind of funny you brought up “Hol’ Up,” too, because I’m a big dude. I’m 6-4, 260 pounds. When people see me, they think I’m a security guard, or what have you. When they find out I’m Ali, I always get, ‘Damn! I would hate to be that girl you kicked out the studio,’ or something like that…

Both: [Laughs]

Mixed By Ali: …I mean, if I have to I’ll be security too. I wouldn’t let nothing happen to my brothers. I’ll mix a record and mix a n***a down real quick.

Both: [Laughs]

READ: TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With MixedByAli